GAC Vehicles Make their First Appearance at Jeddah Motor Show

Jeddah- Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC) along with the global and leading Chinese automaker, GAC Motor presented a stellar lineup of premium GAC vehicles and models as part of the brand’s first ever participation in the 2018 Jeddah International Motor Show. The motor show had recently been held at Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Center, from 16-20 Dec, 2018.

Offering an array of vehicles ranging from Sedan to SUV models, GAC’s main highlight was the launching of upcoming sensations and models for 2019. Starting with the GS3 Compact SUV and the luxury-packed medium Sedan, the GA4.Models previously launched and presented during the exhibition included the GS8, GA8 and GS4. The GS3 astonished visitors with the amount of luxury and technology placed in what is considered to be a cross over. The vehicle offers the latest in technology and is powered by a 4-cylinder 1.3-liter turbo engine with135 hp for the moments that count. The GS4 will also be available in a 1.5-liter engine version as well. As for the GA4, a medium-size sedan with a 1.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and 135 hp, the vehicle surprised many with an abundance of value offered in the form of craftsmanship, technology and space The GA4 will also be offered in a 1.5 liter engine..

"In light of its announcement to enter the Saudi market in November 2018, coming to the Jeddah International Motor Show is a perfect start for GAC Motor to build partnerships and develop our dealership network in the Saudi market," said Sheikh Waleed Aljomaih, the Chief Operation Officer of Aljomaih Automotive Company.

“We are very confident that GAC motors will make their mark in the Saudi market and will exceed the expectations because of the level of quality and specifications it offers.” He added.

He pointed out that the presence of the GAC vehicles in the Kingdom came after a long study and research of the nature of the Saudi market. He said, “We worked very closely with our partners in GAC Motor, to ensure that we bring the right products that fulfill the Saudi Market requirements and meets the customers’ expectations, with emphasis of gaining a clear understanding of the nature of our weather and streets.”

Aside from showcasing the range of GAC Motor vehicles and models, Aljomaih Automotive Company also offered GAC visitors a unique opportunity to experience GAC vehicles first hand, with an outdoor test drive track. The track attracted a large number of visitors, especially women, to get a closer look at the outstanding performance of GAC vehicles.