The distinguished Chinese “GAC Motor ” Cars shall soon be in the Kingdom After Aljomaih Automotive Company obtained its dealership in the Kingdom

July 2018: The Saudi auto market is preparing to receive the entry of Guangzhou Automobile Company “GAC Motor” vehicles over the next few weeks, which is considered one of the giant Chinese automakers and the China`s fastest growing auto brand. However, the step came after Aljomaih Automotive Company, one of the largest auto dealers in region, obtained “GAC Motor” dealership in the Kingdom based on the great successes recorded by “GAC Motor” vehicles in China and around the world, particularly in the Middle East, in countries similar to the Kingdom in terms of the nature of weather and roads.

The parent company of GAC Motor was established in Guangzhou, China. The company sets itself apart from most other Chinese manufactures in that it has strong partnerships, joint ventures with manufactures such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Fiat, Jeep, Acura cars, and Hino trucks. Capitalizing on the years of experience of producing cars for other brands, GAC Group launched its own brand – GAC Motor.

Over the past few years, GAC Motor has achieved many awards, surpassing many of the most prestigious brands, as they won JD Power Quality Award, which ranked number one as the best Chinese brand in terms of quality and advanced technology in their vehicles for five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017

Although the entry of ” GAC Motor ” cars into the local market through a comprehensive range of its versatile and high-performance vehicles and attractive designs that reflected many of the concepts about Chinese cars, which previously relied on the competing price in their spreading, but regarding “GAC Motor” vehicles focused on high performance, distinctive design, maximum protection and safety for passengers; which are the company’s strengths to reach customers and gain their trust.

Sh. Ibrahim Aljomaih, VC & Chief Executive Officer of Aljomaih Automotive, said: ” GAC Motor” vehicles appearing in the Kingdom came after careful consideration of the local market situation, which is one of the cornerstones of the company with its extensive experience through the long years with giant brands, which we run their dealerships in the Kingdom”.

He revealed that since the first days of negotiation to introduce “GAC Motor” cars, the Saudi market was attended by a high-level team from the Chinese company who arrived to the Kingdom and conducted studies and research on the characteristics that must be available in vehicles that will be marketed locally to meet the expectations of customers and the nature of our atmosphere and roads.

“We have been following for years the trend of “GAC Motor” cars in China and around the world, we have seen its growing sales numbers. Since 2011, they have been considered one of the best-growing sales cars in China and its exports outside China as well, especially in the Middle East. These growing numbers have made us move to the second step. However, we found that it was established as an open company to the automotive industry in other companies. It also has agreements to supply advanced technologies in its cars from international companies such as Electronic Stability Program, engine management systems from Bosch (Germany), the front and rear bumpers from Visteon (USA) and other refinement which is a distinctive addition to its products and increase the efficiency of cars it provides”, he added.

At the end of his speech, he promised that the coming days will witness the unveiling and announcement of the variety of “GAC” vehicles which will be waiting for customers in the Saudi market through a series of comprehensive centers (showrooms, maintenance services and spare parts facilities), which have been opened in the major cities of the Kingdom as a first step before spreading in all regions of the Kingdom. Our valued customers are welcome to contact our CRM team through toll free (800 7525252) or through social media channels and the official website of Aljomaih Automotive Company