What does it take to be a GMC Sierra Driver?

Studies have shown that a car purchase is a reflection of a driver’s personality. Whilst technology, safety, size and colour all come into play, the reality is that the subconscious decision is greatly impacted by a buyer’s background, conditioning and social status. Own a sports car? You might be a risk-taker. Prefer an SUV? Then security could be a key value of yours. Want the biggest, bravest pick-up in town? Then you need a confident ally.

The GMC Sierra is not for the timid. It’s bold, unapologetic and active, and requires a driver to match.

So, what does it take to handle the wheel of this premium truck?

Confidence to own the road

The 2021 GMC Sierra was designed to be the boldest, tallest, strongest and largest model to date. In fact, the GMC measures 6,128 mm in length, 2,063 mm in width and 1,915 mm in height, and thus occupies the road, be it a highway or a narrower city road.

It takes a confident driver to own that seat behind the wheel and presence to dominate the scene, boosted by the bigger cab and box.

This driver confidence is also reciprocated by the GMC Sierra as the premium truck combines style with purpose. Its polished, multi-dimensional aluminum wheels are located closer to the corners, which adds to its distinctive looks and creates an even bolder stance.

Furthermore, whether in motion or parked, the GMC Sierra’s unmistakable front end, be it the larger grille and signature C-shape lighting, gives the driver a sense of authority on any road type.

A love for off-roading

In the Arab World in general and the Gulf in particular, the love for the desert is in the DNA. Whether it is to hang out with friends, have a traditional dinner or take on off-road adventures, there is a strong connection with the sand dunes amongst the community.

The opportunities for off-road driving takes things to another level, and is a distinct passion shared by GMC Sierra drivers.

Just like the premium truck itself, the GMC Sierra drivers, particularly those who opt for the AT4 trim, are natural-born conquerors and adventurers. In turn, these passionate drivers benefit from a suite of features that elevate their journeys off-road.

For instance, the GMC Sierra comes with factory-installed 2-inch suspension lift, which provides a powerful look and delivers authentic off-road capability with its higher stance and improved approach and departure angles.

The AT4 trim also offers aggressive, all-terrain tires and exclusive wheels including unique 18" 6-spoke machined aluminum wheels with dark grey accents and Available 20" 6-spoke machined aluminum wheels with Carbon Grey Metallic accents.

The bond that connects GMC Sierra AT4 drivers and off-road driving is unparalleled.

A passion for technology

Besides its dominating looks and unique off-roading features, the GMC Sierra is also equipped with many advanced technology features, and it takes a tech-enthusiast to savor and make the best out of them.

The GMC Sierra brings the industry first Innovative Six-Function GMC MultiPro Tailgate, as well as Accessory MultiPro Audio System by Kicker® , which adds ample amount of fun and convenience to the journey.

Additionally, the GMC Sierra is equipped with traction select system, which allows the driver to choose from preset drive modes that have been tailored for different terrain or weather conditions. If optimized, this feature can entirely change the driving experience.

Furthermore, the GMC Sierra is equipped with a HD Rear Vision Camera System, part of which features a Hitch Guidance that incorporates a dynamic grid line for the truck itself as well as for the trailer hitch. When instigated, the Hitch View mode allows the driver to zoom in on the hitch for careful maneuvering.

So, when it comes to confidence, off-roading passion and tech-savviness, are you bold enough to drive this beast?